Recovering Drug Addicts – You Have To Know This To Understand Them

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be one of the many recovering drug addicts? It’s a really tough spot to be in, and if you’re one of them, you’ll know exactly what it’s like. Let’s get rolling…

So, the first thing you face as a drug addict that’s trying to get off taking drugs is the pain and suffering that withdrawal causes. I mean, look at it this way…

Your body’s used to being constantly provided that strange substance and suddenly you don’t have it anymore. It’s like someone asked you to stop eating ice cream, except a hundred times stronger. Another reason why being one of the recovering drug addicts is a pain in the but pretty much is that you have to deal with yourself. I mean…

I am pretty sure that you’re actually close to a nervous breakdown. The moral hangover is more than likely eating you up from the inside and even though you are trying to hide it, you pretty much feel like a kicked dog all the time.

Chances are you don’t even have a desire to live anymore, so…

The next thing that you as one of the recovering drug addicts have to deal with is people around you. You not only have to make sure that you’re on top of your own feelings and that you’re constantly trying to fight the desire to just go back to drugs, you have to deal with people who seem to have nothing better to do than judging you for what you’ve done.


Even if you haven’t done anything bad apart from actually taking drugs, there’s always going to be someone out there who’s going to tell you that drugs are bad, as if you didn’t know it already. Yes, recovering drug addicts have a tough life.

The crazy thing is that you’ve probably tried just about anything there’s to try. You wanted to wait things out and kind of wait patiently for the symptoms to pass and for your family to come around, you’ve tried talking to the, heck, you might have even bought something that promised you to help with some of the issues that recovering drug addicts face…

Now, since you’re still here and still searching, I am going to assume that nothing really worked for you like you’d like it to, so…

What to do now?

Get a friend. Someone who you could be accountable with your thoughts. Know that even though they don’t understand you they care and a good friend is willing to help. Let’s be real here, try not to drag others down. If you make people repel you they won’t want to be around and then you have a whole new set of mental hurdles to go through in your mind on your desirability. So get a good friend.

If you know that you are needy and they are feeling the drag do something good for them. The cliche wisdom says “it’s better to give than receive.” Be creative with this. If you’re benefiting someone else they in turn would be more of a listening ear.

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