Who I am and my team ...
We are the bridge to a successful recovery. Have you ever wondered if you could finally break the bondage of your addiction? Do you finally want to kick the habit but don’t know the real options you have? Do you finally want to get the monkey off your back?! Well you’re in the right place.
We are a team of people who have helped thousands on the road to recovery. The reason why we do this is because our clients you may want to restore the relationships with your family. Do you want to grow professionally and you addiction is getting in the way?. Our level of care for our clients has helped them reach their goal of staying fully clean for years.

You can read countless amounts of books. You can go to AA/NA meetings that could only help with some of the more surface issues of your addiction. You can subscribe to many different magazines or get on some email lists that give you small tips. OR You can give us a call, take real action today, and get professionals along side of you to jumpstart your road to recovery. To get your life, relationships, professions, and the world back at your fingertips to be all you can be. You can start start breaking the habits and restoring your life right away.

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Hi, I have seen friends and loved ones loose the war to drugs and alcohol. My grandparents had lost their lives to it. My parents are still affected by it today. However I wanted to break the generational habits and cultivate my family a different way. I see how we (humans) are creatures of habit and our minds are so finite. I believe in a Designer who has made us this way to be dependent on Him and to help each other.
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"After getting through the chemical dependency ... there was yet another bigger struggle - my own mind. It tried over and over to tell me that 1. heroine would not hurt and 2. a heroine fix would not cause the earth shattering withdrawals that I feared above all else. It took time, effort, and constant self monitoring. It was not fun. It is not fun to be an addict, but it does change a person, sometimes for the better. I look much differently at life now. Even though I still frequently think, dream, and crave H.....I don't return...I won't return..."